• Dehumidifier Systems- The number one way to end moisture in the crawlspace. Homes with duct work in the crawlspace generally benefit from these machines. In the summer your duct lines are blowing cold air from the crawlspace into your home. The hot and humid air outside is coming through the foundation vents into the crawlspace. This creates condensation, adding a dehumidifier solves this problem for good. 
  • Insulation- Attic insulation plays a huge roll in your heating and air bill. Contaminated insulation in your crawlspace or attic is always a health hazard. We remove and install to code insulation in the crawlspace and attic. 

Our Services

  • Sand- Low spots around the foundation are common in most homes. Installing sand is a great way to keep water out and moisture levels down. 
  • Termite Control- Waterside Pest Services only uses the most efficient and safest when it comes to any treatment. We use Termidor on all of our treatments. Termidor is the leading termiticide today.
  • Moisture Control- Having moisture under your home is the number one cause to all problems. Low moisture levels in the crawlspace lower chances for (WDO) wood destroying organisms such as; wood fungi, termites, and moisture rot. Damaged insulation due to moisture creates WDO at a much faster rate. 
  • Sump pump- Low areas and improper drainage around a home will always be a problem for a crawlspace. Sump pumps eliminate the constant water issue under these homes. A crawlspace may be to low, and adding sand will make the crawlspace inaccessible. Sump pumps are a great option for homes with these issues. 
  • Structural Repairs- Providing you with the best and most reliable work under your home. We frequent in repairs. Everything from floor joists, sub floor, sill beam, sill plates, piers, and even new support systems.
  • Pest Control- Safety is at the top of the list on all of our services. Waterside Pest's technicians will inspect and treat accordingly to what best suites your home or business needs. We do quarterly, monthly, and as needed services.